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professional project management

We have close to 50 years experience in leading and completing projects within Automotive Engineering, Manufacturing and Recycling.

We have a stong network with good opportunities to attract and recruit top talents in our industry.

management consultancy

We can add managers on short term or long term assignments in case of sudden changes in your organisation.

  • A re-organisation has created a gap in your management structure
  • A new department is needed but you lack the management competency
  • A manager has left the company on short notice

We can support with assignment full-time or support your organisation's own competence on an ad-hoc bases.

strategy, mission & vision

We can support your company with a direction towards the future through coaching in strategy, mission and vision development. We will align and focus your internal strengths rather than deliver an external package of visions that may not suit your specific needs.

We can lead strategic workshops to deliver increased profitability!

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